Thursday, October 11, 2012

Updates. Late Updates

Its been a while since I last posted stuff since I have been quite busy with regards to coping up with yugioh, work, and LIFE. lol.

Meta today is quite diverse ever since the inzektors were hit. I for one was wishing for Inzektors to be hit but I didn't know that the implications of Inzektors would be allowing every deck (as in literally ever dead deck) to be played again.


Final Countdown
Chain Burn
Agent Fairy
Fairy Herald
Karakuri Machina
Machina Gadgets
Frogs (Lancer Frogs for Extra Pack 2012)
Chaos Piper


Chaos Dragons (even though they were hit.)
Hieratic (hello M7 Reprint for OCG Land)
Dino Rabbit (w/ Ophion reprint)
Wind ups (Shark, Rabbit, TGU. nuff said)
Hero (With the obvious lifting of the banned promo cards)

and of course, new archetypes are already coming.

Mermail (been topping a lot lately with hero)
Geargia (topping in TCG land)

Every deck above was at one point losing against inzektors. Inzektors were hindering them to top (except for chaos dragons and wind up) and the ban list gave them the chance for others to be able to play them. and for this, I can say, GOOD JOB KONAMI.

The most recent event after the ban list of September was the lifting of  the ban for promos.

After everyone knew about this, each and every player of our community was in panic as they were all rushing to get a hold of their own copies of promo cards. especially for the following:

Thunderking Rai-Oh
E Hero Fusions
Miracle Fusion (not a promo but everyone wanted to playe heroes)
Gustaph Max
Shock Ruler
Black Corn

Everyone was panic buying. There were even people fighting over a set of TKRO's. This just goes to show that every player wants to  get their hands on the most competitive of cards as of the moment. I recently ordered a copy of TKRO for myself. Good thing is I was able to stock up on the most used promo cards and so far, The only thing that Im missing is acid golem, gustaph, and inver roach. Yeah, I know gustaph is still expensive even though REDMD was alreayd limited. People are still going to sell gustaph for probably the same price since Hieratic decks can still summon them using trago+redmd. and that combo is already and otk field.

As for now since the meta is already shaping up for wind ups(?) as extra pack rarities have most likely be confirmed. I already stocked up with the needed rares (no commons) for the possibly wind up deck

Wind Up Rat
Wind Up Magician
Wind Up Factory

Wind Up Zenmighty

(no commons)

Only left is Wind Up Shark, and Wind Up Rabbit. I still plan on investing money for TGU. However, I should first complete the Wind Up.dek first before adding up TGU as everyone will be opening the extra pack just for TGU and the wind up parts.

Too many people are wanting to have TGU however, too many people are not buying boxes. So people tend to just wait for others to open a pack, and then buy it from them. Well thats life. Its either you get eaten, or you get to eat.

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